15 Signs that Your Girl is “The One”

As usually I woke up in the morning at 5 o’clock. Because it’s Tuesday that means my schedule to do some exercise. And I prepared myself for jogging—now with my friends. I usually jog around where my place I stay. I usually do it around 30 minutes and it’s enough to make my body sweat a lot.

After that, I am having a rest to cooling down my body and then take a bath. While cooling down I usually open social network application (Twitter) and read many morning news. This site is very powerful I guess. I can get many information let say,,, a minute after what happened outside. Yes, now many people use Twitter to spread news.

This morning I read an article tweeted by @XSTROLOGY titled “15 Signs She is The One”. That title was inviting my curiosity. And I pressed that link automatically. Hmm… It’s obviously true! That kind of girl that will make a guy feel comfortable and the make ‘em the right person to by your wife is exactly like this. And here is the summary:

1.       She’s a good cook

Show me a woman who can’t cook, and you have found a woman that I will not marry

Yeah. I am naturally interested to a woman that can cook—well. I’ll give her a ‘plus one’ for that.

2.      She Understands Man Movie References

She doesn’t have to want to sit down for a Rocky marathon, but it’s wonderful when you make a reference to Ivan Drago and she not only understands the reference, but accompanies it with some sort of Pro-America/Anti-Commi comment.

This thing can make me like her and made her a great friend for a lifetime.

3.       She Finds You Amusing

If the girl you are dating does not find you amusing, you are in trouble, because she’s only going or find you less amusing over time. If she thinks your jokes are racist, sexist, or any other ‘ist’ for that matter, you should continue looking elsewhere for a mate.

Absolutely true. Once a girl think that you are boring or not funny for your jokes, she will think that way for the rest of your life. And it work the opposite. If she found you amusing and funny, every little jokes you said will make her laugh all the way.

4.       Sexual Chemistry

This one sort of goes along with point #3, in that, just like she will only find you less amusing over time, she will be less inclined to put out over time. If you are constantly turned down, or on the other side, if you aren’t as interested in sex as she is (I have heard of this happening, it may just be folklore though) then you probably aren’t gonna work out.

Hmm… I can’t comment for this point. It may right

5.       She Tolerates Your Farts

A woman to keep around is the one that you unleash your full fury upon, and she doesn’t so much as flinch. She knows that the smells that emanate from your body cannot be held inside, and has learned to shut herself off from the pain of the stench.

I think if I found this kind of girl, I know she’s smart enough 😀

6.       Intelligence

Not all women need to be smart but there need to be equivalent levels of intelligence from each side. If you are a member of MENSA, and she has trouble following when you use complex sentences, then she isn’t the one. If she makes you feel like an idiot with her smarts, then she isn’t the one.

I don’t have any idea about MENSA, but this point is absolutely right. We can’t live with someone who can’t make a good conversation with us. It won’t work anyway.

7.       She Is Not Always Right

A woman who concedes that you might be right from time to time is one that you should keep around. She is a diamond in the rough, indeed.

I can’t agree more. Women often say that men are selfish. But they are more selfish than every men in this world, I guess :p. This kind of girl is a girl you should stay with. They won’t make you as their “slave”. Hehehehe..

8.       She Is Fine With Giving You Space

When you go out for hangout with the guys, she doesn’t send you the “I miss uUuUuUu. Love Muffin. 2 Sad :(((((“ text. She doesn’t always need your attention, and is fine with letting you do what you like to do.

Hell yeah. This describes a mature girl. I love being needed though—in a nice way. But I have friends and I may spend time with them without her jealousy.

9.       Puts Up With Your Shit

She recognizes that there are things about you that just AREN’T gonna change. She has decided that these things are not vital and just leaves them be. Whether it be the way you chew your food, your snore or the fact that you always get unreasonably angry at other drivers, she has decided that these are not the battles to fight.

If a girl can take your positives, there is nothing special. Every woman can do that. But if she can take your negatives without any complains, it’s extraordinary and you should give her a tie

10.   Takes No Shit

This may seem to fly in the face of the last sign, but a woman to keep around is one that tells you when you are an asshole. I know personally, that I have a hard time gauging how big an asshole I’m being. It’s not a bad thing for her to rein you in from time to time. Also, a little feistiness shows that she thinks for herself and has self-respect.

If she can tells you bad things you have or any bad habit of yours—in a right way, it means she will make you a better person. A man needs this in his life. Because every man is a jerk and they need a person to make them a better person.

11.   Silence

You can sit there and be quiet around her comfortably. The air doesn’t have to be constantly filled with nonsense.

When you can feel this beside her, the world seems very peaceful and the couch is a perfect place to stay. And time runs in a warp speed

12.   She Gets Along With Your Friends

This one is pivotal. If your buddies think she is a bitch, she probably is. In this case, find a new broad.

People say love is blind. It is. You should have a ‘third party’ to make second opinion objectively that your girl is a bitch, or an angel.

13.   Her Friends Don’t Suck

If you are constantly calling her friends “whores”, “bitches”, “wenches” or any other slanderous term, then she is probably one as well. And you just aren’t seeing it. If you find that you can hang out with her friends and enjoy yourself, this is a good sign.

Totally true. Wise man said, “A man will think that others are like him”. If she thinks you are a liar, maybe she lies every time.

14.   She Doesn’t Expect You To Like Jersey Shore

There is nothing more frustrating than when a man is expected to “like” something. For any woman out there reading this: YOU CANNOT MAKE A MAN LIKE SOMETHING. You just can’t do it. You can make him do it because it makes you happy. But you cannot make him like it. A woman who understands this is worth her weight in gold.

I like the analogy :D. Yes, she worth her weight in gold.

15.   Doesn’t Use PMS For an Excuse

PMS is a lame excuse. Bottom line. I’ve dated many women who have symptoms, but hold it together. I find that the ones that use PMS as an excuse to be bitchy are pretty much always bitches anyway. There are no excuses for being rude or hateful.

Couldn’t agree more. No excuses for being rude or hateful. Maybe many girls being more sensitive while PMS, but nice girl will not make it as an excuse. And I found a most stable girl I’ve ever met—I hope you read this 🙂

One more for me, she doesn’t yell at you and can listen and smile when you are in anger.

So guys, you know what kind of girl that worth to keep and will make world a beautiful and peaceful place to live in. To make a smile even when you just close your eyes. To make your day, even brighter than yesterday. To put out the fire when you are burn. If now you are with someone like that, don’t waste your time to find another girl. She is a black diamond in a stack of coal. Just don’t waste your time.

It seems a perfect woman. And maybe you’ll think, “There is no such thing like that. Nobody’s perfect”. Believe it or not—I don’t know about fart things—but I found a girl like that. Lucky me!

But, unfortunately…


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