Grunge Border

Dalam contoh ini saya menggunakan gambar berukuran 500 x 500 piksel. Kita mulai dengan dasarnya. buka image baru dan set foreground menjadi warna hitam (Ctrl + D). Gunakan/pilih filter-filter berikut menggunakan settingan awalnya (default setting)

  1. Difference clouds (Filter > Render > Difference Clouds)
  2. Palette Knife (Filter > Artistic > Palette Knife)
  3. Poster Edges (Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges)
  4. Glass (Filter > Distort > Glass)

Setelah melakukan filter terakhir (Glass filter), gunakan filter fade  (Shift + Ctrl + F). Ketika muncul menu pop-up, pilih overlay sebagai blending mode, klik OK. Lalu akan muncul gambar seperti berikut:

Photoshop Tutorials | Advanced Blending Techniques

Simpan gambar baru ini dengan nama apapun terserah Anda asal dalam format .psd. Saya memberi nama gambar ini sebagai grunge_border.psd. Lalu tutup atau minimize gambar tersebut

Buat gambar baru dengan ukuran yang sama dengan file sebelumnya grunge_border.psd. Buat layer baru dan beri nama “grunge border”. Dengan menggunakan tool rectangular marquee, buat seleksi pada layer baru tersebut sesuai dengan gambar di bawah:

Photoshop Tutorials | Grunge, Grunge Border, Photoshop Grunge

Inverse seleksi (Ctrl + Shift + I) lalu warnai dengan warna hitam. Anda dapat mengganti warna apapun selain hitam-sesuai selera anda. Selanjutnya ini akan menjadi border yang akan digunakan dalam gambar.

Langkah selanjutnya adalah menerapkan filter Displace filter (Filter > Distort > Displace) pada layer baru. Ketika muncul menu pop-up pilih settingan awalnya (default options). Anda akan diminta untuk memilih file yang akan digunakan. Pilih file yang tadi Anda buat (dalam hal ini file grunge_border.psd file) dan klik OK. Anda akan mendapatkan border sesuai dengan gambar di bawah:

Photoshop Tutorials | Grunge, Grunge Border, Photoshop Grunge

Now that you have your foundation, you most likley will want to build on top of that. The remainder of this tutorial is purely creative and specific steps are difficult to outline. I will merely provide you with a few pointers and examples of what I do to create the borders.

If you wish to keep a sharp edge on your border, leave it as is. If you want a softer, corrosion-like feel to it, you will need to blur the entire layer once (Filter > Blur > Blur). For all of the example images you will see below, I will apply the blur filter.

If you want to take the corrosion even further, you will want to make use of the brushes that you downloaded. Using your eraser tool, select one of the new brushes and randomly click on the grunge border. This will “eat” away at the grunge border. Depending on the texture of the brush, it will not completely erase the border, but leave some rather nifty effects. =] Below is an example of what I mean:

Photoshop Tutorials | Grunge, Grunge Border, Photoshop Grunge

Next step is to add some additional pieces to the border, be that some grunge text or other rough elements. Try experimenting with various text, brushes, lines, etc. Once you are happy with what you have, merge the new layer into the grunge border layer (Ctrl + E). Below is an example:

Photoshop Tutorials | Grunge, Grunge Border, Photoshop Grunge

There is not a right or wrong way to go about this tutorial, much like most of the tutorials I have seen. You are only limited by your own creativity. There are several ways you can tweak this tutorial for a different outcome. For instance, you could change the settings when creating the initial grunge_border.psd file. Or you could add, remove, edit the various components of the border.

Another key point to mention that the border is only a subcomponent of the final image. Try not to let the border take over your work.

If you are looking for great textures and/or stock photography to work with, I would recommend Resurgere’s Deviant Art profile.


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